Spirit Bombs




Ready for the ultimate spiritual cleanse? Looking for a way to get a full effective ritual bath? Well, we are the ONLY company that provides that!
*Sage: This bathbomb will literally cleanse any toxins, unwanted energies, and negative thinking. -Reiki charged
*Sandalwood: This will rid of toxins, balance out your energy and mood, and prep you for meditation or ritual.
*Chakra Cleanse: Cleanse and open all your chakras!
with a light natural scent of Violet and Florida water, reiki charged for an added essence of opening.
*Orange blossom blessing: Can be used to just chill and let go, or used for a spiritual cleanse before a good meditation. -Flora De Naranja (orange blossom),-Florida water-Reiki charged
*Protection: A spiritual cleanse in a bathbomb. -Florida water-Dragonsblood
-White sage-Black salt-and Reiki'd for good measure
Bad dreams? feeling more vulnerable than normal? this will put your spirt and mind to ease knowing it's putting a layer of protection around you, ridding of all negative energy you may be carrying with you and cleaning you in all ways for sleep or that special ritual you are prepping for!
*Tobacco Blessing: Looking for the perfect soak before a mediation or a ritual?
This one is great before moon magic and rituals. -Tabaco-Florida water-Palo Santo water-Pink Salt
*Florida Water Blessing: Florida water is known for its abilities to cleanse, rid and release negative energy or just clear your space before meditation or ritual.
*Rose Blessing: Rosewater